HOWTO: Uploadcare and Rails

Over on the Collective Idea blog I posted a little how-to for integrating Uploadcare and Rails.

Uploadcare is a really handy service that provides a combination of a CDN and a convenient, configurable JavaScript upload dialog that lets your app’s users easily put images onto your CDN. Each Uploadcare image has a unique UUID, which means that if your Rails app is also using UUIDs as database identifiers, then Uploadcare will fit right in.

This post will show you how to easily integrate Uploadcare into an existing Rails app, in a way that gives your users the ability to create, read, and delete the images that they’ve uploaded to your account on the CDN. In this app, we’ll look specifically at the case of a user with a profile photo, but you can easily generalize this to any type of model with a user-uploaded image, or even an array of user-uploaded images.

Go check it out if you’ve been looking for a good way to do this.

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