Smart Guns in the LA Times

I did a condensed version of the TechCrunch piece linked earlier for the LA Times Sunday Edition.

The gun control movement’s latest hobby horse is the smart gun. President Obama included federal support for smart gun research in his recent executive orders, delighting activists who insist that a locking mechanism capable of preventing criminals from firing stolen weapons would surely be popular with gun buyers — if only the gun industry would drop its opposition.

The bad news for anyone looking to the smart gun as a technological quick fix for gun violence is that, absent a government mandate requiring all guns to be “smart,” a robust market is unlikely to materialize. And even if new laws were to require that all new firearms include smart gun tech, many proposed smart systems would actually make us less safe.

Given the word counts I’m used to on the web, the 850-word limit felt like writing for Twitter. But it was a fun exercise, and maybe I’ll do the op-ed thing again at some point.

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