A Tale of two customer bases: Amazon and Ebay

Fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the differences between these two popular retail platforms.

A Tale of two customer bases: Amazon and Ebay:

My company is four years old this week, and while we do have our own web site where we sell from, we need to be on Amazon and Ebay as well to make sure we get the largest audience possible for our products. Going through the data over the last year, and over the last four years some interesting if trivial data points are showing up in terms of how successful someone can be on someone else’s system. Admitted there is no way I could spend the money on advertising to reach 88 million visitors a month like Ebay or Amazon, what is interesting though is the customer behavior exhibited by buyers on both of these systems…

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For developers Amazon’s cloud is a harsh mistress

For developers Amazon’s cloud is a harsh mistress:

Andy Parsons CTO of Bookish

Developers at the Surge conference in Baltimore have a love-hate relationship with America’s largest online retailer and cloud provider. But repeated tales of Amazon Web Services’ failures were immediately followed by assurances that the service was cheaper and better than buying your own hardware.

As for other cloud providers, Andy Parsons, CTO for startup Bookish, summed it up after being asked if he had even looked at other cloud service providers: “Yes, but the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t.”

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